Quality Assurance Department

Specialties :

  • Develop systems and policies that enhance awareness of quality and development requirements for educational and training institutions of various specializations and levels.
  • Auditing for the purpose of evaluating educational and training institutions and their programs, to ensure the quality of the educational process in accordance with the reference and standard standards for all educational and training stages.
  • Supporting educational institutions in building and developing their capabilities in the field of quality and assurance.


  • Participation in the management of auditors' databases and records.
  • Suggesting the formation of audit teams related to quality assurance.
  • Coordination with educational institutions to ensure the building of an integrated system of standard reference standards and work mechanisms.
  • Providing technical advice to educational and training institutions.
  • Laying the foundations and developing appropriate policies, controls and procedures; To evaluate and ensure the quality of the educational process for educational institutions operating in Libya.
  • Setting and developing reference and standard standards and indicators for the performance of educational institutions and their programmers.
  • Supervising the implementation of quality assurance audits.
  • Participating in setting the rules and procedures for selecting and evaluating auditors.